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Clinical Supervision

I provide supervision to:


Qualified counsellors

Trainee counsellors

Trainee supervisors

Mental health professionals

I consider accessing my own clinical supervision as a highlight in my work calendar. I come to this space knowing that I will be accepted and heard.

This is also a space where I can freely explore, critically reflect, be challenged and experience growth, both personally and professionally. Within this space, there is trust, vulnerability, modelling and shared learning.

Because of this space, I can ensure that, when I am with my clients, I can offer them their own space where I am fully prepared and present, giving them my full attention.


As such, in my own role as clinical supervisor, my desire is that this space is also the highlight of your work calendar where you, too, can savour the allotted time to ensure your own satisfaction, nourishment, growth and ethical accountability within your practitioner role.

My model of supervision is influenced by Robin Schoet, Michael Carroll, Steve Page and Val Wosket

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